Summer Skincare – To Get Rid Of Sun Tan

Summer Skincare – To Get Rid Of Sun Tan

If the summer sun is causing tanned skin, opt for natural packs to get rid of it. Sunscreen is your best mate through summers Make sure you check your SPF’s and apply it at least 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

 1. Tomato Face Pack

Tomato puree works gently on the skin and is beneficial in removing tan. Besides replenishing the skin with oils, it evens skin tone , and helps in making dry skin bright and glowing. It can also be applied to hair for extra shine and can protect hair from sun damage.

2.  Lemon Juice

A pinch of lemon juice can come in handy for a host of your summer woes. The citrus rich fruit has natural bleaching properties, which may help lighten the tan. You can apply lemon juice by mixing it with honey or gram flour on the tanned skin and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off the face.

 3. Coconut Water

A regular use of fresh coconut water on the hands and face is known to be very effective in getting rid of a tan as well as making the skin supple and soft.

4. Oatmeal D-Tan Pack

Oatmeal is an excellent tan remover and mixing it with lemon juice and lemon peel with rose water works wonders for tanned skin.

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