Daily Skincare Routine For Your Beautiful Skin

Daily Skincare Routine For Your Beautiful Skin

Always take into consideration seasonal changes when developing a daily healthy skin routine. Your skin needs more moisture in winter than in summer. Here’s why: In contrast, summertime humidity levels are higher, so your skin retains more moisture and can easily replenish itself by absorbing moisture from the air.

For soft, young-looking hands and feet, moisturize while you sleep. Before you go to bed, slather on moisturizing cream, then slip on thin-fabric socks and gloves. It’s like a spa treatment, and you won’t get your sheets oily or rub off the cream. Most skin care philosophies and theories are five basic steps that form the foundation of a good and smart skin care routine. Read on for the five basic steps you can take towards a clear and healthy complexion. These are the simple 5 steps to follow you:–

STEP- 1 : Cleanse your Skin

Cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening to keep your pores clear and your face fresh. Your cleanser may vary based on skin type, but with all cleansers, the general consensus is to apply them using an upward, circular motion so as to prevent wrinkles from forming. Make sure your hands are clean in order to prevent excess dirt from entering your pores. If you have very sensitive skin, using only water would also do the trick!

STEP- 2 : Tone

Apply toner right after you have cleansed your skin, while it is still damp. The best way to apply it is with a cotton pad or cotton ball, simply soaking the pads in the toner and wiping upwards, starting at your neck.

STEP- 3 : Exfoliate

There are chemical exfoliators and granule exfoliators such as your traditional sugar or salt scrub. Both can be effective tools for removing dead skin cells, but chemical exfoliating ingredients like AHA and BHA are often more effective in getting deep into your pores and removing buildup.

STEP- 4 : Moisturize

Choose your moisturizer based on your skin type — it can be a cream, lotion, gel or oil—and gently rub it into your skin in an upward motion, being careful not to tug on the delicate skin around your eyes. Once the moisturizer is applied, give it time to sink in so you receive its full benefits.

STEP- 5 : Apply SPF

Apply SPF of at least 15 to your face for the daytime, using a higher SPF if you anticipate heavy sun exposure throughout the day.

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