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Tarun Kapoor

Born and brought up in Bombay, Tarun started his career in the early 80’s as an artist for Bala Ji productions. A well known name in the field of beauty and makeup, he honed his skills and talent with exceptional & unique styles therefore reaching audiences in a range of mediums, from magazine covers and feature films to bridal and celebrity makeup.

His approach to styles is extremely simple. A firm believer in using the right products in the right places therefore accentuating a person’s natural beauty. With extensive training in the field of makeup and beauty for over 20 years, he has also become an educator and has inspired many with his art works. His deep knowledge in grooming, makeup and hair styling make him a versatile beauty professional.

A highly sought after and award winning makeup expert, he holds extensive amount of knowledge on latest makeup and trending beauty techniques.

Awards And Achievements

Based on my work I got a lot of awards and praising in newspaper, magazine and tv etc.

Brand That We Prefer

We are using the high quality brand for the Makeup.

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